Introduction to Ornithology Diploma Course

Beautiful, inspiring, fascinating – the difference between species of birds can be subtle or extreme but they are always interesting. You could see several species just looking through your window but if you want to move from birdwatcher to birder, twitcher or even ornithologist one day, this course is for you.

The Introduction to Ornithology Diploma Course is a gentle introduction to avian anatomy, behaviour and migrations and will help you understand how to identify different birds. So, pick up your binoculars, field guide, notebook, and camera and let’s get going.

Module 1: What is Ornithology?

Module 2: The Anatomy of Birds

Module 3: Skeletal System and Flight

Module 4: The Evolution of Birds

Module 5: The life cycle of birds

Module 6: The Anatomy of a Feather

Module 7: Calls, Songs and Other Sounds

Module 9: What is Migration?

Module 10: Conservation and ornithology

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Introduction to Ornithology Diploma Course