Organic Haircare Business Diploma Course

Many modern, mass-produced haircare products use chemicals that have allergen, irritant and even carcinogenic properties. The only way to know exactly what is going into the products you use is to make your own or to purchase certified organic alternatives. The Organic Haircare Business Course provides the opportunity to learn all you need to safely formulate effective, organic haircare products.

Module 1: Hair Anatomy and Physiology

Module 2: Haircare Through the Ages

Module 3: The hair types

Module 4: Organic haircare ingredients

Module 6: Haircare for normal hair

Module 7: Haircare for dry hair

Module 8: Haircare for oily hair

Module 9: Haircare for wavy and curly hair

Module 11:Formulating for African-Caribbean hair

Module 12: Selling organic haircare products

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Organic Haircare Business Diploma Course