English Language Diploma Course

Welcome to the wonderful world of English. In this course, you will encounter a wide range of English texts, ranging from sonnets to short stories and news reports to reviews and opinion pieces.

The main objective of the English Language Diploma Course is to teach you how to analyse language critically. You will examine the techniques used by both fiction and non-fiction writers in the production of various kinds of texts, consider the different styles they use to convey their ideas as well as the kind of language they employ to impart information to the reader.

Module 1: A brief history of the english language

Module 2: Parts of speech

Module 3: The world of fiction

Module 4: Approaches to prose

Module 5: Journalistic language and form

Module 6: Journalistic tone and purpose

Module 7: Writing work e-mails

Module 8: Close-reading fiction and non-fiction texts

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English Language Diploma Course