Coaching and Mentoring for Business Success Diploma Course

‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’ – Richard Branson

This online and accredited Coaching & Mentoring Course takes business owners, and those in positions to affect change, through the fundamentals and practical applications of creating a coaching and mentoring training programme fit for their business.

Module 1: Organisational Context – Vision, Mission, Size and Structure and Readiness for Coaching and Mentoring

Module 2: Alternative Strategies for Developing and Supporting Employees, Including Different Training Strategies

Module 3: Organisational, Operational and Individual Barriers to Forming a Coaching and Mentoring Culture – and what to do about them

Module 4: Different Perspectives on Mentoring and Coaching

Module 5: Legal asapects of Coaching and Mentoring

Module 6: Relationship characteristics and contrasts between Coaching and Mentoring

Module 7: Processes and Models for Effectively Coaching

Module 8: The EMCC Code of Ethics

Module 9: Organisational Structure, Culture and the Role Coaching or Mentoring Has In Supporting Performance

Module 10: Measuring the Success of a Coaching and Mentoring Programme

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Coaching and Mentoring for Business Success Diploma Course