Botany Diploma Course

Take the Botany Diploma Course and you’ll learn about the world’s plant life — inside out, past and present, fungi to flower — from the highest mountains to the lowest-lying deserts. You’ll understand all plants a little better.

You’ll become familiar with gross and microscopic plant anatomy, plant physiology, the family or genera plants belong to, how they are taxonomically organised, and their metabolic processes. You’ll even follow their evolution from water to land and discover how they’ve adapted to their differing environments.

Module 1: The Evolution of Plants

Module 2: The microscopic anatomy of plants

Module 3: The gross anatomy of plants

Module 4: Controlling Plant Growth

Module 5: Genus and Species

Module 6: Molds, Lichens and Algae

Module 7: The Fungi Kingdom

Module 8: The Ferns and Bryphytes

Module 9: Gymnosperms

Module 10: Angiosperms

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Botany Diploma Course