Basic English Grammar for Adults Diploma Course

Embark on a broad introduction to the deep world of basic English grammar. This course provides a digestible and graded view of the fundamentals, ranging from the simple to the more complex.

This course is for those who have not studied English academically and those looking to deepen their understanding. You’ll learn, practice, review and conceptualise basic English grammar concepts. You’ll improve your language skills and be ready for further study.

Module 1: The verb 'to be'

Module 2: Negatives and questions with the verb 'to be'

Module 3: Understanding english nouns

Module 4: Verbs in the present simple

Module 5: Adverbs and the present continous tense

Module 6: Drawing comparisons with adjectives

Module 7: Understanding modal verbs

Module 8: Understanding the past simple

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Basic English Grammar for Adults Diploma Course